Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive. - Dalai Lama

I would estimate that I've seen over 50 different massage therapists for body work in my life. Although I have always been able to find good massage therapists, there has only been one who has stood out as a great one, and that's Jason White, of ReKonnected. I have been a regular client of his for over a year and a half. I not only consistently receive a great massage every time, but I receive an overall wonderful and amazing healing session. The thing I love most is that Jason is trained in many different holistic modalities, like cupping, energy work, organ unwinding, and he is equipped to utilize any of those tools in any session, depending on what my body needs. The best part is it's included in the extremely competitive price of the massage! I am a consistently & frequently active person, and sometimes fatigue and overuse of certain muscle groups have caused me great pains & strains. What keeps me going and helps me overcome those ailments, as well as the emotional & mental ailments of a busy and sometimes chaotic life, is that I have Jason on my wellness team. People, bodywork it's not just a luxury!! It is an imperative therapy and treatment for any active person, and for my therapy, I choose Jason, and I highly recommend that you do, too! - M. Enriquez


Jason is an amazing bodyworker. As a friend said when referring me -- Jason may be about the best massage therapist we've experienced. He's grounded, positive, present and just all-round wonderful! I highly recommend his services.  - E. Lapenna


I'm on a pretty consistent schedule with Jason for massage. I do hair for a living so my legs and back need attention on a regular basis. Not only does Jason do a great job but he gives me suggestions for taking good care of myself. I know I am benefiting and my body knows when I am over due. I really appreciate that he changes technique to find what best suits me. I think the best complement of his skills are that he consistently puts me to sleep. He knows his stuff! My recommendation is that you see him for a 90 minute treatment and relax and enjoy. Parking in Nob Hill is a little tricky but there are some free spots that you can find. The studio is cozy and no-frills, I say that as a compliment. I don't care for fancy spa-like massages and a lot of fluff.  Thank you Jason for your professionalism and consistent relief of my aching body. - D. Gatt


Amazing! You will not be disappointed! Jason not only gives you a massage, he gives you an experience. He truly cares for your wellbeing and is a master at his craft.        - K. Dougherty


Jason White is an excellent massage therapist that provides many therapeutic and relaxing modalities. He takes his time to connect and has a huge heart for his clients. I highly recommend and will continue to receive treatments from him. His office is clean and inviting. - Tessa D.


I've benefited from Jason's skill in a variety of healing modalities, and his willingness to share self-care techniques, for almost a year. I'm 63 years old and very cautious when choosing any kind of physical therapy. Massage treatments with Jason have always been respectful and well executed. I find that his extensive knowledge of oriental medicine enable him to recognize correlations between muscle pain and vital organs, thereby assisting me to alter my habits to better care for myself. Since working with Jason, I've experienced improved digestion, more restful sleep, greater range of motion in my shoulders, and a pain free lower back. I recommend massage therapy with Jason White as part of a continued self-care protocol or as an occasional gift to yourself.  -R. Libretto


I have never been consistent in getting massage, but since receiving treatments from Jason and having such amazing and LASTING results, I have now made it a priority to get in at least twice a month. The pain from a repetitious career and numbness from a chronically pinched nerve have finally ceased to be a constant in my life. I am so grateful to have the knowledge and intuition of Jason's practice in my life. - M. Baum


I met Jason, through a friend, after my chiropractor recommended that i get regular massages to help ease my pain from a life long injury. Jason not only made me feel instantly comfortable, but has also been a God send. His treatments have significantly helped, and I would recommend him to anyone. - J. Lopez


Was visiting family in Albuquerque on vacation from Huntington Beach Ca. and hurt my back from the fourteen hour car drive. Tried this place out and was happy i did. Jason found the source of my pain and went to work. 45 minutes later I was a new man. The vibes are amazing and hands blessed by spiritual nature itself!                    - J.Mendenhall


Seriously. Awesome. Jason is extremely knowledgeable in what he is doing and it shows. Your stress and pain melts away on his table. Go make an appointment now! You won't be disappointed! - K. Webb


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